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Benefits of Vacation Ownership at Jacob's Landing

Timesharing is the ownership and use of vacations, generally in one or more week increments. Timeshare owners pay a one time purchase price and closing cost in today's dollars. Additionally, owners pay an annual maintenance fee that includes property tax, insurance, and all other related maintenance costs. Timeshare owners vacation one or more weeks a year, every year, forever.

Once you own your timeshare, you can use it, exchange it, rent it, will it, give it away, sell it or deed it to someone else.

The beauty of timesharing is that timesharing can save you money in many ways and it assures that you take a vacation every year. Timesharing will add life to your years, strengthen your relationships and unquestionably, timesharing is fun and relaxing.

The average price for a motel room today exceeds $ 83 per night, and units with kitchens are even more expensive. The purchase and use of a timeshare could save you a tremendous amount of money.

The average price of a meal in a restaurant today exceeds $12 per meal per person. Based on this, a family of four would spend more than $1000 dining during a one week vacation. Most timeshare units include a full kitchen, which means you could save a substantial amount of money by preparing your own meals in the comfort of your own timeshare condominium.

While most people look forward to at least two weeks of vacation every year, it seems as though they only take their vacations in two or three day increments. Studies have shown that it takes three days for you to shift into neutral, and the last two days of every vacation are spent getting psyched up (ready) to return to work. This means that for every seven days of vacation you only recharge your batteries for two days. And if you only take two or three day vacations, then your batteries can never recharge. Timeshare ownership will encourage you to vacation a full week, every year. Timeshare owners own their vacation. It is paid for, therefore timeshare owners vacation every year.

While timesharing can't add years to your life, timeshare ownership, and use can add life to your years.

A highlight of timeshare ownership is the planning process. Whether you plan to vacation at your home resort or whether you plan to exchange your week and vacation in a new location every year, vacation planning is exciting and fun. Just take a look at the Endless Vacation Special Resort Edition (also known as the RCI Directory or the Wish Book) and you'll see what we mean. The possibilities are practically endless with over 4,000 fabulous destinations in 89 countries, all destinations for the choosing and at very little cost to timeshare owners

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